AT&T "will not block or degrade [Internet] traffic."

At the metaswitch user forum, AT&T VP Joe Weinman was asked about
whether AT&T would block internet traffic that they disagreed with. He
said: "AT&T is a common carrier. We will not block or degrade traffic."


One thought on “AT&T "will not block or degrade [Internet] traffic."

  1. AT&T is blocking the SIP port, i have worked for a ITSP for 6 years and just moved to a new house, got ATT because I thought it was the best, I asked them before i singed up for the service if my SIP devices would work and they said yes. I have tried everything and it doesn't work. Ive called them and have had nothing but the run around, so I whent ahead and got IAX equipment and pass all my voip traffic with that since the cant block IAX. They did tell me if i paid them $100 bucks that i could get advanced technical support but that would not guarantee that it would work.AT&T shame on you. From a very disappointed customer.

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